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How to become a MGPS Accredited Judge

1: Be a current member of MGPS. Download membership form if not current.

2: Lodgement of interest

Download the form  click on the Application “Application for MGPS Open Panel Judge”

Complete and post to: Ian Simpson

                                    4 Cann Court, 


                                    3630, VIC

                                    Or email: [email protected]

3: Once the Application has been accepted a Judging Kit will be sent with the following:

  • An extract of the Australian Poultry Standards 2nd Edition on Modern Game.
  • MGPS Judges Code of conduct
  • How to conduct yourself at a show.
  • A list of Oral questions.
  • A written examination paper containing questions relating to the Standard.
  • The process in detail and all documents that require verification

4: Once Completion of the Oral and written Examination send to Ian Simpson.

5: For Judges that are on a State body Judging Register e.g. VPFA, FQAC, SAPA, or if you are not on any State Panel but are a Recognised Judge please state your experience, after Ian has reviewed the questions you have submitted a verification of registration on a State Judging Register is required and a signed declaration from 3 MGPS Open Panel Judges on Judging performance of the Applicant at previous shows must be submitted for final report prior to approval.

6: Applicants that have never judged will be required to complete the following steps after Ian has reviewed the questions you have submitted

  • The candidate must act as an assistant to an MGPS open panel judge at two show’s catering for at least a minimum of 60 Modern Game.
  • The candidate must adjudicate four classes of modern game at a show convenient to three Open Panel judges at a selected show convenient to all parties. The candidate must Judge each class separately and place the birds in their order of merit, 1st ,2nd and 3rd in all of the classes and advise the examining panel of his/her reasons for the placing and satisfy the examining panel of the soundness of his/her choice in each instance. The Open Panel Judges will complete a report on the judging.
  • Send all your Documentation to Ian Simpson.

On completion of all steps a report will be done by Ian Simpson and a copy of Ian’s report stating approval will be sent to the MGPS Secretary who will send the Open Panel Judging Kit with the Certificate of Competency.

If not approved a letter will be sent advising of the outcome.

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